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The Power of Play

This course has three modules.

Children need and deserve to learn through rich, varied and imaginative
experiences, which challenge their thinking, encourage the highest levels of
motivation and engagement and enable them to consistently develop their dispositions for learning, as well as knowledge and skills. Self-led exploration,
play and practical experiences provide a well-researched and highly effective
way of doing this.

In order to ensure challenge and progression through play, however, the role of the adult is crucial in providing an enabling environment, exciting experiences and enhancing interactions for children.

In this exciting course I will guide you through how to provide all of the above. I will highlight numerous ways of supporting children’s development, through tuning into how they learn best, their passions and preoccupations, and
providing resources and adult interactions that support this.

What is included

  • 4 x 15 minute seminars (approximately) in each module.
  • Three modules are currently available in this course
  • Each module takes around 1.5 hrs to work through with pauses for tasks, reflection and action planning.
  • Downloadable handouts where applicable.
  • Certificates are available on completion of each module.

You will have unlimited access to the purchased module or course for 6 months.

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Module One: Preparing the way for play

In Module One you will:

  • Consider the importance of play for young children’s learning.
  • Hear about the conditions which enable high quality, challenging play to take place.
  • Reflect on your own pedagogy for play and how to develop this further.
  • Understand the difference between play and playful learning and the
    benefits of both.

Module Two: A Place to Play

In Module 2 you will:

• Learn about the key elements to consider when developing play-based learning spaces which encourage children to challenge themselves.
• See numerous inspiring examples of creative nocost/ low-cost learning environment ideas from real classrooms and settings.
• Learn techniques and receive audit tools to support you and your team in planning for a challenging learning environment going forward.
• Consider the uniqueness of the outdoors for learning and how best to maximise this.

Module Three: The adult role in supporting and extending children's play through quality interactions

In Module 3 you will:

• Extend your own professional subject knowledge of how writing develops in young children.
• Learn about the importance of symbolic play and early mark-making for writing development
• Learn about the stages of early writing development and see examples of what these look like in practice.
• Practice assessing children’s early writing against the stages of early writing development and explore how these can be a helpful tool in establishing progress in writing development.

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