Understanding the EYFS reforms, the associated documentation and  implications for practice


 8 information-packed recorded webinars

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All you need to know about implementing the revised EYFS in a developmentally appropriate way


  • Do you want to feel ready for implementing the new EYFS framework?

  • Do you need an honest, no-nonsense overview of the changes?

  • Would you like to think more deeply about current practice as you move forward into using the new framework? 





These webinars have been developed to support you in interpreting and implementing the new framework. You can attend live or purchase a recording of the live event.

Session One gives an overview of the key changes and the following sessions give you the chance to dig deeper and reflect upon your own practice in key areas relating to the new framework. Be prepared to have your thinking well and truly provoked! 

The programme has been carefully curated to provide a wide range of expertise from those working directly in schools and early years settings, as well as highly esteemed national voices. All have one shared passion – a drive to ensure that young children experience the highest quality early education and care from knowledgeable and confident adults.

A wonderfully thought provoking discussion!

A reminder that we need to get into that uncomfortable place to be able to bring about real change. The discussion about interpersonal and systemic racism prompted me to think about how interpersonal racism is few and far between in my international school setting, however the systemic racism still is present and got me thinking about how that presents for my children and colleagues and what I can do to help change things.

'Whose world?" is another key take away for me - a fantastic reminder (not that we need one really!) that child-led learning is the way forward for so many reasons!

The power of talk for allowing children to unpack their 'invisible backpack'... YES!

Cora Graham

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Session 1: An overview of the EYFS reforms and associated documentation

Kym Scott, EYs Consultant
What’s changing, what’s not and the implications for practice.

Session 2: Key things to consider when implementing the revised EYFS: Inclusion

Liz Pemberton, Anti-racist trainer and consultant

Implementing the new EYFS through an anti-racism lens.

Fifi Benham, Autistic Pre-School Deputy Manager and SENDCo

Developing Differently – how autism and other disabilities impact the new EYFS.

Kerry Payne, EYs SEND Specialist, Lecturer, Author

Ensuring Children with SEND sit at the centre of practice in the new EYFS.

Session 3: Key things to consider when implementing the revised EYFS: Communication, language and vocabulary

Kym Scott, EYs Consultant: Practices over programmes: 

What research tells us about supporting children’s language development.

Professor Julie Fisher, Early Years Adviser and Author:

Supporting children’s language development in practice.

Liz Skilton, Speech and Language Therapist

Speech, Language and Communication needs in the early years – an integrated approach.

Thank you for this opportunity to learn and explore the changes to the EYFS -reflecting on how we can embrace them rather contend with the overwhelming fight to push back against the top down pressure and continue to deliver what we know to be best practice and developmentally appropriate for our young children.


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Session 4: Key things to consider when implementing the revised EYFS: Literacy and mathematics

Kym Scott, EYs Consultant

Making literacy learning in the revised EYFS meaningful and memorable.

Jamel Carly Campbell, EYs Educator, Consultant, Mentor & Children’s Author

Ensuring diversity in children’s literacy experiences.

Trisha Lee, Artistic Director Makebelieve Arts

Helicopter Stories – letting imagination fly.

Elaine Bennett, EYs trainer & EYs Lead, Friars Primary School, Southend

Navigating the mathematical maze in the new EYFS.

Session 5: Key things to consider when implementing the revised EYFS: Play

Dr Stella Louis, EYs Consultant, Trainer & Author

Observing the process of play.

Anna Ephgrave,  EYs Consultant, Trainer & Author

Interacting in play.

Leah Morris, Yr1 teacher, Porters Grange Primary, Southend

 Taking play into Key Stage 1 – my experience so far.

Kym ScottEYs Consultant

A Place to Play – planning a challenging environment for play, indoors and out.

Session 6: Key things to consider when implementing the revised EYFS: Curriculum and assessment

Kym Scott, EYs Consultant

Ensuring a broad and balanced curriculum in the new EYFS.

Maeve Birsdsall, EYs Lead, Jasmine Priestly, Reception teacher, Co-op Academy Oakwood

Starting from the child: How we plan and assess.

Ruth Swailes, School Improvement Adviser & Education Consultant

Assessment in the new EYFS – an opportunity for a rethink.

Thank you! There is a wealth of information here and some intriguing reflective questions to really get us thinking. Thank you for all the hard work you have put into this for us. We have a real opportunity to do the best for all our children. Challenging but exciting times ahead!

Basia Dowling

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Session 7: Key things to consider when implementing the revised EYFS: Personal, Social & Emotional Development and Physical Development

Dr Mine Conkbayir, EYs author and trainer

Self-regulation in the early years.

Kathryn Solly, EYs consultant, trainer and author

Giving physical development the attention it deserves.

Rachna Joshi, Class Teacher, Carla Jones EYFS leader, Hargrave Park School

The holistic impact of physical play: a perspective from a rough and tumble play intervention.

Session 8: Key things to consider when implementing the revised EYFS:  Expressive Arts and Design and Understanding the World

Pete Moorhouse, Artist educator and EYs consultant

Expressive Arts and Design: Creative and critical thinking in practice

Kathryn Solly, Early childhood consultant, trainer and author

Being within and developing an understanding of the world

Stephanie Yau - Year 2 Teacher, Grappenhall Heys Primary School, Warrington.

How to celebrate Cultural Celebrations appropriately (with a focus on Lunar New Year)

Liz Pemberton, Anti-racist trainer and consultant

How can we explore race with children through Understanding the World?

Very useful - as a headteacher I feel much more informed. Thank you.

Rachel McEvoy

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