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Kym Scott’s Early Years Leadership Development Programme

An exciting programme for established leaders in schools/early years settings
and those who are new to the role

This leadership development programme is intended to provide a really practical
toolkit which will take the form of:

TWO live online training days in the Autumn term,
FOUR half-termly leadership support network sessions in the Spring and Summer term.


Leading a team in the early years is a multi-faceted role. Not only do leaders require
a strong working understanding of statutory requirements and policy, but they also
need to have an excellent knowledge of curriculum, child development and early
years pedagogy, as well as the ability to disseminate this knowledge effectively to
A great leader needs to be both creative in terms of their thinking, but also highly
analytical, in order to be able to distil information and use it to plan ways forward.
Finally a leader needs to tread that fine line between support and challenge, inspiring
others to be the best they can be, whilst also establishing clear expectations for
quality and impact.
All this and so much more, and yet many leaders in the early years report never
having had any formal training at all for the role!

Course Aims :

This 2 day live online course will support leaders and aspirant leaders in:

  •  Considering and developing the key skills needed to be an effective leader,
    particularly when leading change.

  • The importance of developing a shared team vision and the key steps to take
    in order to do this.

  •  Adapting leadership style to different situations including dealing with difficult
    people and having challenging conversations.

  • Evaluating quality – how to gather the information you need, including audit
    tools to support this.

  • Establishing priorities for development – what to do with the information you

  • Ensuring impact from your leadership and that actions take place

  • Implementation – strategies for improving quality in teaching and learning.

  • Developing your own and others’ professional knowledge in terms of
    curriculum content knowledge, child development knowledge and
    pedagogical knowledge.

  • Identifying strengths and gaps in knowledge and practice and knowing how to
    access or provide further support.

  • Sharing information with others – how to plan and confidently deliver inspiring
    presentations to others such as CPD sessions and parent workshops.
    A gap task will be provided in for delegates to complete between the two sessions.

Follow up Leadership Support Network sessions:
In these online follow up mastermind style sessions, delegates will have the
opportunities to reflect on developments, impact and next steps. There will be
opportunities to ask questions and problem solve together and to connect with others
in similar situations nationally and internationally. I will be leading the discussions
and offering insights and ideas to support.


Target audience: All those leading or planning to lead an early years team at any
level, including early years leaders in schools, managers of settings, and room

Duration: 2 full day online sessions followed by 4 online leadership support network
sessions of 1.5 hrs each.

Dates: Day 1: Tuesday 8 th November 2022 10am – 3pm

            Day 2: Tuesday 29 th November 2022 10am – 3pm

Leadership Support Network sessions:
Session 1: Tuesday 10th January 2023 1.30-3pm
Session 2: Tuesday 7th March 2023 1.30-3pm
Session 3: Tuesday 9th May 2023 1.30-3pm
Session 4: Tuesday 6th June 2023 1.30-3pm

Cost: £270 per delegate

Free to members of The Place to Learn, my online EYs professional
learning platform. 

Already a member of The Place to Learn? Registration steps will be sent to your email


I have spent the last 22 years of my career working with leaders and managers in schools and settings, providing them with the support and challenge needed to effectively lead and sustain improvements in quality and outcomes. My impact has been substantial – the schools and settings I work with consistently achieve inspection judgements of Good or Outstanding, and report improved outcomes for children and increased motivation and effectiveness within staff teams.

I started out working with very young children in childcare and at pre-school. After a career leading in the EYs and KS1 in London schools, I worked as a school improvement adviser in the London Borough of Lewisham, and went on to lead the early years team in Lewisham, with a core element of my work focused on improving
leadership, quality of teaching and learning, and outcomes for children within the early years.  By the time I left to take up a freelance career, Lewisham schools were consistently achieving amongst the highest outcomes in the country for children at the end of the EYFS and Lewisham was named as one of the most successful authorities in the country for supporting children’s development.


  • Please note only people booked onto the sessions can attend and are permitted to view the recordings
  • If you can't make a session, recordings will be available for one month following each event
  • Pay by Credit/Debit Card/Paypal is the preferred payment method.
  • Delegates booking later in the year will have the opportunity to access recordings of previous sessions in order to catch up.
  • Please contact [email protected] for bulk booking discounts

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