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Rethinking behaviour support: Promoting self-regulation and emotional wellbeing in the early years and beyond

Too often in schools and settings, we focus on controlling, shaming or even punishing children for their undesirable externalised behaviour. This may appear to fix the problem in the short term, but it doesn’t help the child learn the skills they need in order to self-regulate and learn to manage themselves and their emotions effectively going forward.

These sessions will be based on the premise that children behave well when they are able to – when their needs are met by the environment, routines and expectations and when adults act as co-regulators and emotion coaches.

Session One will focus primarily on developing a universal approach to supporting all children’s wellbeing and self-regulation, in partnership with the child.

Session Two will focus more on children who struggle with self-regulation. I will draw upon my years of experience working with neurodiverse children and my lived experience as a parent of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Pathological Demand Avoidance and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. We will explore the powerful impact that relationships have on the wellbeing and behaviour of these children.

Over the two sessions you will:

  • Reflect upon the new early learning goal on self-regulation and how this can be interpreted in a child-centred, developmentally appropriate way.
  • Learn about the link between self-regulation and brain development and the latest research and evidence in this area
  • Explore the reasons why children behave in undesirable ways, and what they may be trying to communicate
  • Consider the key elements that impact positively on children's self-regulation and behaviour and the vital role of the adult in this.
  • Gain specific strategies for promoting self-regulation and conflict resolution in school and a framework to support this.


Target audience: Nursery and reception practitioners, teaching assistants, one-to-ones, EYFS
leaders, senior leaders, childminders

Dates:  Session One Tuesday 14 th February 2023
              Session Two Tuesday 28th February 2023

Times: 1pm – 3pm

Individual ticket: £60 per delegate
Whole school/setting pass: £240 for up to 10 delegates in one school or setting to attend

Free to members of The Place to Learn, my online EYs professional
learning platform. 

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About Me

33 years ago I started work as a pre-school assistant in Norfolk and went on to teach and lead in London schools. I worked as an early years advisor for Lewisham local authority in London and went on to strategically lead the service. I now work nationally and internationally as a trainer, conference speaker and consultant.

I’ve spent the majority of my career working with leaders and managers in schools and settings, providing them with the support and challenge needed to effectively lead and sustain improvements in play-based learning.

As well as supporting at local authority and leadership level, I spend a significant proportion of my time working directly with practitioners in schools, day-care and pre-schools. This hands-on, current experience is key to ensuring that I retain a deep understanding of the reality, challenges and rewards of working with young children and their families. My work involves sharing what I have learnt about play and the difference it can make to children’s outcomes, and helping schools and settings to ensure that children are enabled to learn in as joyful, inspiring and memorable ways as possible.

In response to Covid, I created an EYS online professional learning platform called ‘The Place to Learn’. This is a subscription-based service which provides excellent value, on demand access to my entire collection of training courses for whole teams. Specific modules or whole courses are also now available to purchase separately for both individuals and teams.

To find out more please go to or email [email protected]


  • Please note only people booked onto the sessions can attend and are permitted to view the recordings.
  • Pay by invoice is available for organisations only and not for individuals.
  • Pay by Credit/Debit Card/Paypal is the preferred payment method.

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