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Supporting the Communication, Language and Vocabulary Development of Young Children

There are three modules in this course

This course aims to improve adult understanding and practice in order to more effectively support children’s language development and learning in general.

With so much focus currently on vocabulary development, Kym unpicks the research around this and its implications for schools and early years providers.

The vital role of high quality back and forth adult interactions will be thoroughly explored, and delegates will learn to differentiate between interactions that boost children’s language and learning in general, and those that are less impactful.

Practical strategies to positively shape the way practitioners interact with children will be provided throughout, as well as opportunities and tools to support practitioners in self-evaluating and improving their practice in this area.

Individuals and whole school/settings can purchase the whole course, or just buy one module at a time.

What is included

  • 4 x 15 minute seminars (approximately) in each module.
  • 3 modules in the course 
  • Each module takes around 1.5 hrs to work through with pauses for tasks, reflection and action planning.
  • Downloadable handouts where applicable.
  • Certificates are available on completion of each module.

You will have unlimited access to the purchased module or course for 6 months.

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Module 1: Relationships, Communication and Language

In Module One you will:

• Gain an understanding of how language develops in young children and the adult role within this
• Hear the latest research around children’s vocabulary development
• Explore key adult practices that support the language development of babies and young children
• Consider the implications of this for the setting or classroom
• See examples of effective back and forth interactions between adults and young children.

Module 2: Interactions Matter

In Module 2 you will:

  • Consider the things that get in the way of having quality interactions with children
  • Explore the key elements that make for high quality interactions and the
    challenges these provide for the adults that work with them 
  • Receive a simple structure to support you in keeping these elements in mind
    during their work 
  • Understand why questioning can be a double-edged sword when conversing with
    young children

Module 3: Listening to Young Children

In Module 3 you will:

  • See how actively listening to children is key to supporting their communication
    and language 
  • Learn how to listen and respond in a way that opens up, rather than shuts down
  • Recognise the importance of letting the child lead the interaction and strategies
    for supporting this
  • Explore the default modes that adults can fall into when conversing with children
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