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Making Maths Matter to Young Children in the Early Years

Four modules are currently available in this course
This course aims to help improve adult’s understanding and practice in the area of
early mathematics, in order to ensure mathematics teaching in the early years
remains relevant, engaging and memorable.

It will explore the interplay between practitioners’ content and pedagogical
knowledge and why both are important. In addition it will help you to ensure that the
way you are helping young children learn mathematics is evidence based and

The role of the adult in extending children’s mathematical thinking in play and
everyday experiences will be a core focus as well as meaningful opportunities for
mathematical recording and mark making.
A wide range of practical ideas will be provided as well as lots of photographic
examples of how to create a really rich and challenging mathematical environment
both indoors and outdoors.

The intended outcome is that your own subject knowledge in this area is improved.
The opportunities to reflect upon your pedagogy and practice in light of this, will
support you in ensuring children gain a deeper, more solid understanding of
important mathematical concepts before moving onto more complex ones.

What is included

  • 4 x 15 minute seminars (approximately) in each module.
  • 4 modules in this course
  • Each module takes around 1.5 hrs to work through with pauses for tasks, reflection and action planning.
  • Downloadable handouts where applicable.
  • Certificates are available on completion of each module.

You will have unlimited access to the purchased module or course for 6 months.

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Module one: What Matters Mathematically for Young Children’s Learning

In Module One you will:

  • Develop your own subject knowledge around what is important for young
    children to learn mathematically in their early years
  • Explore significant elements of research around what an early years
    mathematics curriculum should contain
  • Reflect on the importance of building upon children’s existing knowledge and
    skills and how best to assess these
  • Gain practical ideas around how best to support children’s developing
    mathematical knowledge in playful ways

Module two: How to Make Mathematics Learning Memorable

In Module 2 you will:

  • Evaluate your pedagogy for teaching maths - not what you teach children, but how you support them to learn and why you do it in this way. 
  • Consider ways in which you can provide a learning environment that
    promotes development and reinforcement of mathematical understanding in play.
  • Reflect upon how well you tune into children's play, build on their ideas and
    extend their mathematical thinking and learning further.
  • Find out how to maximise mathematical learning within everyday routines and

Module three: Mathematical Markmaking

In Module 3 you will:

  • Explore the issues around the traditional approaches to children recording
  • Consider ways in which children can be encouraged to record mathematically
    as part of their play
  • Reflect upon how well adults support children in experimenting with mathematical mark-making
  • Practice making assessments on children’s mathematical graphics to distil what they know and what might be next for them

Module four: Intentional teaching in mathematics

In Module 4 you will:

  • Explore the difference between intentional and responsive teaching and the
    benefits of both
  • Hear about the processes involved in learning and how best to support these
  • Consider ways in which adult led learning in mathematics can be made
    purposeful and playful
  • Reflect upon the key role of games in mathematical learning
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